ESI supports the transportation industry with environmental compliance needs to sustain development and maintenance of our Nation’s roads and bridges, airports, railways, and public transit. We provide compliance assistance across the gamut of environmental requirements that the industry faces, including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), and Clean Water Act (CWA).  We work with transportation engineers and operations personnel and understand how environmental compliance requirements affect transportation projects; we provide insight and analysis, and financially viable solutions.  From project planning to post-construction mitigation and monitoring, our environmental staff partner with project proponents, regulators, and other stakeholders to help guide projects to completion.

Roads and Bridges

Roads and BridgesESI understands Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) NEPA implementing regulations for federally funded projects as well as Departments of Transportation (DOT) processes.  To that end, we complete environmental tasks for DOTs, FHWA, and municipalities conducting locally administered federal aid projects.  ESI maintains prequalification and/or “registration”, as appropriate, with various state DOTs in the Midwest and Northeast.  To date, ESI has worked on projects administered by the following transportation agencies:



Our participation in DOT-related projects varies wildly based on the scope and scale of the project.  We complete surveys for wetlands, streams (including freshwater mussels), and terrestrial species for new construction, roadway realignment projects, and bridge replacement projects.  We perform environmental construction compliance monitoring and environmental inspection services.  We participate in the NEPA process and documentation at all levels, from CEs for bike paths to EISs for controversial new developments through sensitive environments, including preparation of impact analysis.  We obtain ESA take permits and CWA Section 401/404 permits so construction can proceed. 


AirportsOur professionals are versed in environmental requirements for planning, design, and construction phases of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) projects.  We work closely with aviation planners during master plan and NEPA process (including preliminary design) to ensure projects are consistent with implementing regulations in FAA Order 5050.4b.  We author NEPA Environmental Assessments and Categorical Exclusion documents, complete specialized studies to help protect wetlands, waterways, and listed species, and we obtain 404/401 permits.  Staff works with large airports with scheduled air carrier operations (Part 139 Certified) and general aviation facilities.  We understand the risk of wildlife hazards at airports, and provide guidance to avoid conflict with wildlife.  From runway extension projects, to safety area improvements, to obstruction removal, our staff provides airports with results that meet the demands for safety of airport operations. 

Rail and Public Transit

Rail and Public TransitESI provides environmental support services for rail and public transit projects across the eastern U.S.  ESI staff work with owners to solve environmental issues associated with maintenance and infrastructure improvements.  We provide environmental services for private industry supported by rail, freight railroads, and high speed passenger service rail operations.  We assist transit authorities to modernize facilities, including mussel surveys for dredging at docking facilities, and wetland delineation and endangered species studies for new facilities.  We conduct field surveys, prepare permit applications and provide NEPA documentation consistent with U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration and Federal Highway Administration guidelines. 


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