Civil Engineering

New ideas, imagination, and innovative solutions best describe ESI’s approach to Civil Engineering and validate why clients repeatedly return for help with projects from small site developments to complex multi-state gas pipelines and electric transmission lines. Staff professionals competently assume the roles dictated by project needs ranging from niche contractor to turnkey environmental and engineering service provider. Small, client-focused teams led by ESI’s Professional Engineers, ensure project and staffing continuity and minimize extraneous costs and overruns. Continual reinvestment in process improvement affords optimized data collection, leading edge design technologies, fine-tuned accuracy, expedient turn-around time, and increases transparency regarding project deliverables. 

Experts in residential, commercial, and industrial land development, ESI project managers are on site at project start up, identifying project constraints and beginning site layout and balanced grading plans. Understanding and integrating all project aspects, from initiation along every step of the way, ESI engineers tailor utility layouts and post-construction stormwater facilities (becoming a greater concern with increased severe weather activity) to accommodate existing conditions, ensuing successful project coalescence. The team routinely produces required documentation and procures all necessary permits at the municipal, state, or federal level. 

An industry leader in engineering roadway, electric transmission, or natural gas pipeline corridors, ESI brings unconventional, “out of the box” thinking to resolve challenges inherent in long, narrow, linear corridor projects.  Competent and resourceful use and treatment of Best Management Practices for both Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control and Stormwater Management Facilities avoids missteps negatively impacting project schedule, completion, and cost.  

ESI recognizes construction projects are not one size fits all and require thoughtful, practical design and mitigation for changes in rate, volume, and water quality. ESI specializes in Water Resources engineering including hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, large scale watershed modeling, and flooding mitigation and analyses, FEMA flood map revisions, sediment transport modeling, smart grading, coastal erosion, and flooding. 

From groundbreaking to ribbon cutting, ESI works alongside clients, construction professionals, inspectors, architects, and project stakeholders ensuring project design is executed in the field as designed at the desk. Throughout each project’s duration, ESI remains available and responsive to implementing modifications, requests for information, and site certification and monitoring.