About ESI

A leader in environmental consulting, ESI is a small, SBA-certified, woman-owned S-corporation founded in March 2000 and specifically aimed at providing clients with nothing short of exceptional service and sound, scientific solutions for balancing societal needs with conservation and enhancement of the natural environment. ESI began with a single, senior scientist, Dr. Virgil Brack, Jr., who, in the early years, cultivated a permanent staff through hiring seasonal workers and grooming them into assuming full-time positions.

Today, ESI’s staff includes over 60 full- and permanent part-time scientists and engineers with specialties ranging from animal ecology to stream and wetland science to cultural resources to landscape and habitat modeling. For over 20 years, ESI has solidified its professional integrity and reputation as a leading authority in environmental consulting, consistently helping clients overcome land management challenges and bringing projects to fruition across the U.S.