Wetlands & Waterways

Wetlands & Waterways

ESI assists our clients by managing wetland and waterway resource issues for proposed development.  We provide these services for areal site developments, linear utility lines, and public infrastructure projects. 

Our Services Include:

  • • Wetland and waterway survey and delineation
  • • Wetland function and service evaluation
  • • Jurisdictional determination
  • • Section 404/401 and other State Permit acquisition
  • • Mitigation plan development, implementation, and post-construction monitoring

In recent years, regulatory requirements for protection of wetlands and waterways have changed dramatically, at both the federal and state levels.  As this type of work has become routine, the market has been commoditized and the quality of work product is quite variable. 

ESI Provides An Exceptionally High Quality Of Service In This Arena:

  • • First, we work with our client to be sure we understand project goals, ensuring that they are met consistent with regulatory constraints.
  • • Our staff is experienced and field-tested in wetland and waterway science and regulations, skillfully employing criteria of soils, hydrology,
  •   and vegetation when using the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual and Regional Supplements.
  • • Our wetland experts have evolved with the regulatory landscape, and stay current with latest developments in regulations and guidance.
  • • We have established relationships with regulatory agencies throughout the Northeast and Midwest. 

We work on projects ranging from one to thousands of acres, including long linear corridor projects.  After field delineation and jurisdictional determination have been made, and despite avoidance and minimization efforts, if impacts remain, ESI will prepare permits and develop wetland and stream compensatory mitigation plans to move the project through agency approval.  Our approved mitigation plans include wetland creation, restoration, and enhancement (including wildlife habitat), stream bed and bank restoration, and floodplain restoration.  Our staff has also developed wetlands creation plans for use as mitigation banks. 

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