About Us

Who We Are

Environmental Solutions & Innovations, Inc. was formed on 8 March 2000 by Dr. Virgil Brack, Jr. to provide high quality environmental consulting services to a variety of industries.  Today the firm boasts a diverse staff with specialized expertise ranging from animal ecology to stream and wetland science to management plans, landscape analysis and habitat modeling.  Most of our technical staff hold advanced degrees in their area of specialty and are respected members of the scientific community.

What We Do

We have chosen to focus exclusively on services for the natural environment.  We did this to maintain the excellence that makes us quality leaders in this arena.  We do not offer our services as a side-line or add-on to larger and more profitable service areas.  We are often hired by repeat Clients to work in tandem with engineering companies because this division of labor often produces a better overall product for the Client.  To this end, we work diligently to communicate seamlessly, with all project participants, regardless of our role.   

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